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Kayaking as a sport has come a far way since the days of fibreglass kayaks and hollowforms (the first mass-marketed plastic kayaks), and is a sport and leisure activity that continues to grow with plenty of interest and participants from around the world.

At ModernKayaking.com, we aim to be the destination of choice for all Kayaking news, reviews, and information on this sport we so love. With our team of kayaking experts, ModernKayaking.com aims to provide our readers with the latest in kayaking gear, the latest kayak reviews, kayak clothing deals, and news from around the globe about the best kayak trips that both novices and experts alike can undertake.

Kayak technology and the materials that go into building the modern kayaks (–> see what we did there) of today is ever evolving and advancing, and the kayaks of yesteryear are being enhanced and getting lighter and stronger than ever before.

ModernKayaking.com is at the forefront of this kayak evolution,  and will proudly bring our readers the best kayak accessory reviews (including kayak seats, kayak carts, and anyhting kayaking related).

All our team are experienced kayakers – some love sea-kayaking, some love their leisurely weekend kayak fishing excursions, whilst others just love the thrill of their next big kayak expedition.

At ModernKayaking.com, our articles cover a wide range of topics and the latest kayak trips, whilst our in-depth kayak reviews will help you decide amongst the plethora of kayak options out there. All of our kayak accessory reviews are tried and tested by our team of writers (and even the editor sometimes gets into the action and tests some of the kayaks himself – just because he can)

At ModernKayaking.com, we want this site to be the destination of choice for information on the hottest kayak trips and kayaking travel destinations, a place to view the latest and greatest in kayaking gear and kayak accessories, and we even feature some expert kayaking tips and tricks from our guest kayaking experts .