Perception Pescador 12′ Fishing Kayak Review

Perception Pescador 12 Angler Kayak Review
Perception Pescador 12 Angler Kayak Review
Perception Pescador 12 Angler Kayak Review


Weight: 65 lbs / 29 kg
Material: Rotomoulded Polyethylene
Length: 12' / 366 cm
Width: 28" / 71 cm
Maximum Load (kg): 350 lbs / 159 kg
Storage Hatch: Bow Hatch, Stern and Centre Day Hatch
Rudder: No
Seats: One
Hull Style: Multichine hull



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Very stable in the water, and easy to paddle Nice carrying handle


Standing up in the kayak is not recommended

Bottom Line

At this price level, the Pescador 12′ Angler Kayak is a great budget kayak with plenty of features – perfect for your first fishing kayak or even if you are upgrading from another kayak.

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If you are looking into getting your first kayak to go fishing, then you should definitely check out the Perception Pescador 12 foot Angler Kayak (could it be considered as one of the Best angler kayaks for under $1000). Perception make a variety of models for different types of kayaking, but the Pescador 12′ Angler kayak is really rigged up to go fishing, and is considered to be one of their renowned performers as it truly is a versatile sit-on-top kayak.


With its multi-chine hull, broad shoulder and tracking keel, the Pescador 12′ Angler kayak enjoys great maneuverability whilst offering fantastic stability.


Plenty of speed and capacity for any size paddler to enjoy a full day on the water. 


Kayak Features:

Pescador 12 Fishing Kayak

The Pescador 12′ Angler comes with a large storage hatch up front (18/20 inch) and the storage runs throughout the whole kayak. It also comes with some great grabs for both front and rear, which are handy when carrying the kayak to and from your destination. Weighing in at 29kgs, its fairly lightweight for its size, and those grabs really do come in handy. Taking it out onto the water, the Pescador 12′ really shined when it came to stability. To say that the Pescador 12′ Angler is extremely stable in the water would be an understatement, and stability on the water is exactly what you want if you’re going fishing.


Maneuverability, glide and stability – exactly what you need for all your angling needs.


As a sit-on-top kayak, the Perception Pescador 12′ comes with a fully adjustable seat, aptly named the Comfort Seating System (CSS), and the seat is extremely comfortable even when going for those longer kayak fishing excursions.


Being a shorter model (12′ / 366 cm), the length of the Pescador is actually a good match between budget and functionality (although not quite as budget friendly as the Ocean Kayak Scrambler), and although not an enclosed kayak, it still keeps the kayaker quite dry in the cockpit, and of course is self-draining as well if water were to get into the cockpit. You do have the ability to put some thigh braces in if you’re navigating some rougher water and you really wanted to strap yourself in.


Pescador Fishing Kayaks

Pescador fishing kayaks get you to where the fish are with the outfitting you need to catch them! These boats offer all the versatility that everyone in your family needs for a perfect day on the water.


The 6 inch center hatch is convenient to store fishing gear or any other small items (i.e phones) that you may need within easy reach. The kayak comes with 8 scupper holes, 2 in the front, 2 in the middle, 2 under the seat, and 2 in the back.


What We Liked

The Comfort Seating System (CSS) is really comfortable, and for long fishing trups is really solid and sturdy and we’ve gone for fishing trips of over 5 hours and experienced little to no pain at all within our group of kayakers.


The 2 flush mount rod holders go really deep to fit most rods that any angler may have. We could fit any rod that we tested the holders with, so it should cater for most, if not all, rods out there. The huge back storage or opening hatch comes with a bungee to keep all your kit secure. The back storage can fit a 12×12 storage crate (or cooler), and because the kayak is so stable you are able to reach around and grab things from the cooler without affecting the stability of the boat.


Paddling Notes

It’s only 28 inches wide and tracks really well through the water, and once again, we have to stress the stability of this kayak in the water. It really is quite stable, with whatever conditions we took it through. You wouldn’t be able to stand up in it (unless you’re extremely agile and athletic), but you are able to swing your legs over the side and wade them in the water without rocking the boat or affecting the stability.




I have been kayaking since I was 10 years old and am now the Editor-in-Chief of ModernKayaking magazine. My role allows me to spend time out on the water whilst requiring me to review the latest kayaks and kayaking gear, and when I'm not working you will usually find me doing some fishing from my kayak out on some lake somewhere!


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